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Favoring Curry

My recent article on functional composition in Ramda breezed over an important topic. In order to do the sort of composition we would like with Ramda functions, we need these functions to be curried. Curry? Like the spicy food? What? Where? Actually, curry is named for Haskell Curry, who was Source: Favoring Curry

The only real pitfall when coding without semicolons Here is the only thing you have to be aware if you choose to code semicolon-less: // careful: will break a = b + c (d + e).print() This is actually evaluated as: a = b + c(d + e).print(); … Easy solution: when a line starts with parenthesis, prepend a semicolon to it. ;(d + e).print() … If you choose to omit semicolons where possible, my advice is to insert them immediately before the opening parenthesis or square bracket in any statement that begins with one of those tokens, or any which begins with one of the arithmetic operator tokens /, +, or - if you should happen to write such a statement.

JSON Web Tokens are an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. Source: JSON Web Tokens - jwt.io

A Ruby programming tutorial for journalists, researchers, investigators, scientists, analysts and anyone else in the business of finding information and making it useful and visible. Programming experience not required, but provided. Source: If and Else | The Bastards Book of Ruby

Latest features of JavaScript are now easy to use with Babel. We show how you can use the standard JavaScript features to do tasks that previously required a utility library to do without lots of code. Source: You Might Not Need Underscore | Reindex

From: Edhel Iaur, Esq.017- How many ‘official’ versions of DOS 3.3 are there and how can I tell which is running? According to The Dostalk Scrapbook, there are 3 official (as in Apple made ‘em, I think) versions of DOS 3.3. PEEK (46725) supposedly tells you which is running: 165: oldest (1980) 186: better (January 1, 1983) 182: latest (?)I remember one had something to do with the way text files are handled.

The following solution reads from a file if the script is called with a file name as the first parameter $1 otherwise from standard input.while read linedo echo «$line»done < «${1:-/dev/stdin}«The substitution ${1:-…} takes $1 if defined otherwise the file name of the standard input of the own process is used. Source: loops - How to read from file or stdin in bash? - Stack Overflow

Ruby tutorial

Ruby Tutorial for Beginners - Learning Ruby in simple and easy steps - A beginner’s tutorial containing complete knowledge of Ruby Syntax Syntax, Classes, Variables, Comments, Loops, File, I/O, Functions, Objects, TK, Ranges, iterators, arrays, strings, methods, blocks, Exception, Multi-Threading, Hashes, Modules, LDAP, Web Services, Web Programming. Source: Ruby tutorial

You can train most people to do most tasks. With a modicum of natural inclination, competent. With a bit of interest, good. With a willingness to work hard, very good. However, you can’t ever train greatness. You can’t make it by any method - only they can. Source: We Hire the Best, Just Like Everyone Else | Hacker News

I have a cluster of 3 VMs. Here is the Vagrantfile: # -*- mode: ruby -*-# vi: set ft=ruby :hosts = { «host0» => «», «host1» => «», «host2» => «»}Vagrant.configure(«2») do |config| config.vm.box = «precise64» config.vm.box_url = «http://files.vagrantup.com/precise64.box" config.ssh.private_key_path = File.expand_path(’~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key’) hosts.each do |name, ip| config.vm.define name do |machine| machine.vm.hostname = «%s.example.org» % name machine.vm.network :private_network, ip: ip machine.vm.provider «virtualbox» do |v| v.name = name # #v.customize [«modifyvm», :id, «-memory», 200] end end endend

It was a tricky class, a lot of it wasn’t about explicit rules or frameworks, but reading chapters of biographies and other books, and identifying the sources of power and how they were used. We didn’t have a specific book, and it was a very unique class, my favorite after competitive strategy (essentially applied game theory). Some of the readings were on Robert Moses, LB Johnson, the movie 12 Angry Men (Henry Fonda version), etc.

When I encountered this problem, I was able to solve it without reprovisioning a new virtual machine by checking my the VirtualBox ID using «vboxmanage list vms» and making sure it was the same as the id provided in «vagrantdirectory/.vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/id». Somehow mine was changed to a different vm’s id. Source: vagrant up not detecting a previously run VM · Issue #2969 · mitchellh/vagrant · GitHub

Anil Dash has been blogging at anildash.com (formerly dashes.com) since 1999, writing about technology and pop culture. Source: The Blue Collar Coder

Nobody has done more research on this than the US Military, specifically the special operations community. The key takeaways that you find in very effective SOF teams are: Clear and accepted authority chain (Top guy earned their place at the top) Candid and constant communication/feedback between all members A clearly defined, proven effective and specialized role for every member with each member knowing how each others role plays together

Here’s an uncomfortable thought: an effective 1-to-1 mapping between men and women probably doesn’t exist. The fact of the matter is that women are primarily interested in a top smaller percentage of high value men (this is called hypergamy). This smaller group of desirable men would most like to have multiple mates (this is called polygamy). Marriage, and the accompanying culture and customs, ‘corrects’ this by trying to create a 1-to-1 mapping.

The reality distortion field was a confounding melange of a charismatic rhetorical style, an indomitable will, and an eagerness to bend any fact to fit the purpose at hand. Source: Folklore.org: Reality Distortion Field

《五輪書》在日本的地位,就像《孫子兵法》在中國,至今日本企業界經理人仍多採用其中的說法,做為經營決策的指導,甚至美國的哈佛商學院也將本書列為學生必讀書之一。 宮本武藏的著作視兵法為實踐事業,分別從 Source: 五輪書-宮本武藏純文字版(The Book Of Five Rings) @ 世界武術搏擊運動分享 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

After reading Ji Xianlin’s The Cowshed: Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a Chinese intellectual friend summed it up to me: “This is our Auschwitz.” Indeed, though what happened in the cowshed where the celebrated Indologist Ji was held was by no means exceptional (torture and violence were widespread at the time), of all the memoirs of the Cultural Revolution I have read, I cannot think of another one that offers such a devastatingly direct and detailed testimony on the physical and mental abuse an entire imprisoned intellectual community suffered.

«audentis Fortuna iuuat»/«AUDENTIS FORTUNA IUUAT».. and pronounced (mostly) «owd-en-tis For-tun-a ee-u-waht». The «u» is long, as in «rude». Oh, trill the «R» Atque memento, nulli adsunt Romanorum qui locutionem tuam corrigant Source: Best translation into latin of a phrase. - Ars Technica OpenForum


Totally free stock images from Unsplash, Jay Mantri, and many more Source: FindA.Photo

Although entrepreneurs provide the majority of jobs in the United States, little is known about what makes them tick. The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur fillsin some gaps by providing insights into high-growth founders’motivations and their socio-economic, educational and familialbackgrounds, as well as their views on what factors determine success. Source: The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur | Kauffman.org

ideonexus 5 hours ago It’s hard to deny the racial aspect of government subsidies to produce the suburbs, but the government’s official intent was not racial, but emergent and was strongly influenced by the threat of nuclear war. Shawn Otto of sciencedebate.org covers this in his book on politics and science, «Fool Me Twice» (apologies for the typos from my book-scanner): …it has long been the prevailing opinion that American suburbs developed as a result of the increased use of the car, GI Bill funded home construction, and white flight from desegregated schools after the 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v.

The Magpie Developer

Elite (guru) developers notice too many riff-raff using their current programming language, and start looking for something that will distinguish them better from their mediocre colleagues. Elite developers take their shopping list of current annoyances and look for a new, little-known language that apparently has fewer of them. Elite developers start to drive the development of the new language, contributing code, writing libraries, etc., then evangelize the new language.

1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. 2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, it profits me nothing.

«IN a free society,» wrote the French philosopher Montesquieu, «it is not always important that individuals reason well, it is sufficient that they reason; from their individual thought, freedom is born.» Exactly two centuries later, in his futuristic novel «1984,» the English political novelist George Orwell gave a tragic illustration of what the world would be without the freedom to think. Orwell had the intention to call his book «The Last Man in Europe,» as a tribute to the essential quality that distinguished man from the world around him, namely his ability to think for himself.

I think almost every experienced programmer has gone through three stages and some go through four: Cowboy coders or nuggets know little to nothing about design and view it as an unnecessary formality. If working on small projects for non-technical stakeholders, this attitude may serve them well for a while; it Gets Things Done, it impresses the boss, makes the programmer feel good about himself and confirms the idea that he knows what he’s doing (even though he doesn’t).

A lot of people do great things without schooling… they just have more passion, drive, patience, and focus than most mere mortals, spending every waking hour reading books, articles, and coding, coding, coding, compiling, coding, compiling, testing, coding, compiling, testing, coding, compiling, compiling…For everyone else, please get some schooling or at least a flesh-and-blood teacher. A book will never recognize a mistake or show you how to do something a better way.

Object-oriented programming (OOP), in its most basic sense, is a programming style used to organize code. Video games can run anywhere from a few thousand lines of code (Cut the Rope has 15,000) to millions of lines of code long (Crysis has over a million). You can see why it’s so important to write code that can be easily modified and maintained. Programming styles, such as OOP, help to organize code in such a way that it becomes easier to maintain and modify.

I’m Barry Island, and in this article, I’ll lay out how we at Infinite State Games—that is, my mates Charlie, Graham, and I—made a PS Vita game, without spending any money, and while holding down full time nine-to-five day jobs. With this list of tips (and some luck), you can do the same. | Tags: Business, Case Study, PS Vita, Console Platform Source: How We Made a PS Vita Game With Zero Budget - Tuts+ Game Development Article

my successful strategy was to do what none of them were doing: sit back, really think about what was the essence of my piece that was different from the first principal component of everybody’s obvious chatter, summarize that in a single line, and put that into the subject. Source: Paul Tudor Jones to Staff: Learn to Write or I’ll Rip Up Your Memo | Hacker News

最近琢磨钓鱼岛问题,涉及到中日甲午战争,发现“驱逐鞑虏 恢复中华”竟然是日本人首先提出来的,孙中山在兴中会成立后借用作自己组织的革命宗旨而已。1894年爆发的甲午战争日本一直叫日清战争,而不叫中日战争,因为日本人一直不承认满清政府代表中国。在甲午战争之前,日本曾发起了一个颇具规模的宣传攻势,其代表口号就是尊华攘夷的“驱逐鞑虏,恢复中华”。古 代日本一直以中国为师,对中国文化的感情深厚。据史料记载,当得知宋朝亡于蒙古以后,日本“举国茹素”,来哀悼大宋的覆亡。这个记载可能有夸张成分,但难 以考证是否属实。有一点是确定的,自从元朝中国被蒙古征服以后,日本人就开始看不起中国了,事实上,日本人认为宋朝灭亡后中国也就不存在了。日本人首先看 不起的统治中国的蒙古人,继而是蒙古人统治下的中国人。蒙古在中国的统治稳定以后,元世祖忽必烈曾派使者前往日本“通好”,希望日本归顺 蒙古统治。忽必烈写给日本的国书称:“日本密迩高丽,开国以来,亦时通中国,至于朕躬,而无一乘之使以通和好。尚恐王国知之未审,故特遣使持书,布告朕 志,冀自今以往,通问结好,以相亲睦。且圣人以四海为家,不相通好,岂一家之理哉。以至用兵,夫孰所好,王其图之。” 连哄带吓唬,希望日本归顺“大蒙古国”。可是日本人根本不吃这一套,在日本人眼中,蒙古人是野蛮人,没有资格自称“中国”,“崖山之后再无中国!”中国已 经亡了。于是日本人打发元朝使者回去,连封回信也懒得写。忽必烈还不甘心,又派使者去日本威胁,这回日本人更不客气了,干脆把元朝使者胡子给剃了,好好羞辱了一番鞑子。忽必烈一怒之下,发兵攻日,结果900艘战船被“神风”掀翻,四万将士藏身海底。两次攻日皆遭惨败,最后只得哑巴吃黄连,有苦难言,再不提征日这回事。日 本文化曾受中国影响很大,古代日本学者也接受了中国传统的“夷夏之辨”定义,称中国为“中华”,而称日本为“东夷”。他们认为,在元朝和清朝,中国都灭亡 了,但中华正统并没有消失,日本就代表了中华正统,日本人才是中华传人。大陆为夷,日本为华的思想由此逐渐形成。因此,在甲午战争前日本人提出了“驱逐鞑 虏,恢复中华”。不仅如此,在甲午战争前后的日本文献中,日本人竟然称自己的国家是“我神州”、“我中华”。日本人这种自认为中华正统的 意识也许是自欺欺人,但这种宣传在当时的确起到了相当大的作用,影响了不少受满清欺压的汉人,他们中有不少人就把日本人当作“解放者”。据日本官方的《日 清战争实记》记载,日军占领九连城后,“当地居民箪食壶浆迎我王师,携来鸡和猪献给我军。” 这让我想起最近看的二战纪录片,当德国军队占领乌克兰后,乌克兰人也是载歌载舞欢迎入侵者,姑娘们手捧鲜花献给希特勒的法西斯军队,因为乌克兰人认为他们 是“解放者”。乌克兰人在苏联时期受尽欺压,饿死了很多人。昨天和一位罗马尼亚移民聊天,她告诉我,东欧人最恨的是奸淫烧杀、无恶不作的苏联红军,而对纪 律严明的希特勒军队很有好感。言归正传。当时很多汉人知识分子也受日本人宣传的影响,真心认为日本人会帮助汉人复国。他们接受日本资助, 组织反满组织,鼓吹革命,组织起义。最典型的当属甲午战争爆发三个月后便成立的兴中会,其宗旨便是“驱除鞑虏,恢复中华,创立合众政府,”孙中山在游说日 本朝野人士资助自己革命时多次称:“满蒙可任日本取之,中国革命的目的在灭满兴汉”,“日本如能援助中国革命,将以满蒙让渡与日本。”孙中山的心目中的中 国显然只是传统的汉人统治区域China Proper,民国成立后才把中国的概念扩展,包括汉、满、蒙、藏、回。但日本人对“驱逐鞑虏 恢复中华”的理解显然和孙中山不同。既然日本人代表中华,那么“恢复中华”就等于要确立日本对中国的统治。于是日本便找借口大举入侵中国,企图征服中国, 建立所谓的“大东亚共荣圈” Source: _“驱逐鞑虏 恢复中华”是日本人提出来的-元朝,清朝应该算我中华文化么?_大笨牛_新浪博客_

The nm commands provides information on the symbols being used in an object file or executable file. The default information that the ‘nm’ command provides Source: 10 Practical Linux nm Command Examples

In the West, surveillance agencies are trying to stay as low-key as they can. In contrast, China wants everybody to know Big Brother is watching, so behave. … Much though this will be effective, and it will be, in the long term it is utterly and completely self-defeating. Dissent will never go away if the conditions warrant it. It will just be forced underground where it will fester at ease.

Don’t Become Anything Finally, I’d like to tell you that the best way to get good at something is to not attach your identity to the activity. I do say I am a programmer, but really I mean I’m a person who writes code (and does a bunch of other stuff). The skill of coding is not who I am, it’s just one of the many things that makes me the complex interesting person I am.

Hands down. A navy blue blazer will carry you through almost any situation. It can be paired with a jeans, grey wool slacks, golf pants, plaids shorts, white pants and boat shoes. I’ve worn my blazer in all of these situations and more. As this is your first blazer, it should be wool gabardine. Don’t worry if you forget this fact but it’s what a high percentage of blazers are made of and what the salesperson will probably show you.

I’ve been wanting to add more scripting capabilities to NGINX for a long time. Scripting lets people do more in NGINX without having to write C modules, for example. Lua is a good tool in this area, but it’s not as widely known as some other languages. JavaScript was the most obvious language to add […] Source: Launching nginScript and Looking Ahead - NGINX

Some readers at 43 Rumors figured out a simple way to use one of the art filters for on-demand «focus peaking» with the Olympus OM-D E-M5. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for video, but it works a treat for still photography.Here are the steps: 1) Change the mode dial on the E-M5 to «A» 2) Menu > Shooting Menu 1: set the «Picture Mode» to «ART 11 Key Line» (press right and choose Filter II).

革新進取還是食古不化? http://paper.wenweipo.com/2013/09/02/OT1309020003.htm ■《清日戰爭》 宗澤亞,早年畢業於中山大學,曾在中國科學院從事研究工作。理工科背景的他,以特有的嚴謹、精細和大量的史料——尤其是典藏在日本國會圖書館、防衛省防衛研究所、外務省外交史料館的文獻,從改革視角完成了《清日戰爭》這本對1894年甲午戰爭進行全面剖析和反思的著作。 ■文、圖:香港文匯報記者 徐全 時至今日,部分國人仍舊以「小日本」一詞來稱呼我們這個東鄰。但一個事實卻是,自明治維新以來,無論是哪個時期,哪怕是二戰後,日本相較於中國,都是一個強國。假如我們大,究竟大在何處?人口、土地、歷史文化還是資源?《清日戰爭》一書已說明:部分國人的此種自信,是多麼不合時宜與不堪一擊。 ■表面強大的自信 北洋水師和日本聯合艦隊,軍官多為留學英國的同學。兩軍顧問也均聘請自英國。清日戰爭前,曾經是北洋水師顧問的英國人瑯威理,最終敵不過清國腐朽的官場政治。因為北洋軍官對其陽奉陰違,瑯威理受到清國官僚的排擠,辭職而去。而同樣是英國人的英格斯,擔任日本海軍顧問,則受到彼方的優待,不但獲得貴族頭銜,還委以實權,日本軍人令行禁止,嚴格訓練。英格斯對日本海軍的培訓工作取得巨大成功,最後光榮退休。 趕走英國顧問,並沒有讓北洋水師覺得不快。相反,為了展現「大國雄風」,北洋水師曾訪問日本長崎,結果卻發生了清國水兵因為嫖妓等問題與長崎民眾鬥毆的事件。那時,一位年輕的日本海軍軍官感慨:「清國真有錢,能買這麼大的軍艦。」但吳鎮守府參謀長則安撫他說:「清國只是已經生銹的刀,他們的水兵將衣服晾曬在炮管上;在重要的軍艦通道上賭錢、進食;軍紀渙散,我們一定能戰勝他們。」這位吳鎮守府參謀長,便是後來打響甲午海戰第一炮的指揮官東鄉平八郎;而那位年輕軍官,就是後來成為將軍、在日俄戰爭中發明新戰法擊敗俄軍的作戰參謀秋山真之。 諷刺地看,北洋水師確實只在出訪、演習和提升內部士氣上能夠有所建樹。在朝鮮仁川試炮演練,打消了當地人的獨立慾望;停靠日本,刺激了日方全民捐款購艦的熱潮;對清國自身,則成為慈禧太后六十大壽時挪用軍費修頤和園的理據;財政支持不足,靠走私和以「海防捐」為名的賣官鬻爵養兵。這樣的水師,雖有「亞洲第一、世界第三」的名號,實際的戰鬥力卻未有多少。表面強大,一旦遭遇到真正對手,必然一敗塗地。可是失敗來臨前,朝廷包括李鴻章在內,卻對這支軍隊充滿了自信。 ■金玉均遇刺悲劇 《清日戰爭》一書對甲午戰爭的重要導火索─金玉均遇刺身亡,作了詳盡的記述和分析,提供了從改革史觀來看待這場戰爭的思路。 金玉均,十九世紀朝鮮改革運動先驅。有感於日本明治維新後的強大,金玉均希望自己的國家學習日本,走上近代化道路。因此,他曾與朝鮮一大批政治家組織開化黨,發動武裝暴動。遭到鎮壓後,他曾流亡日本,從此成為故國守舊派的眼中釘。終於在1894年3月,金玉均遊歷中國上海時,被朝鮮守舊勢力串謀清廷暗害身亡。金玉均遺體運回朝鮮之後被凌遲,其家人也被處決。而日本則以金玉均的幾根頭髮和衣物,在東京為其舉行了隆重的安靈葬禮,還為其修建了衣冠墳塚。此後,日本與清國開戰的理由之一,便是「日本試圖協助金玉均對朝鮮進行改革,卻遭到清國阻撓。」 抗拒改革,頑固不化,屠戮維新志士,引致戰爭災禍。這是清廷和朝鮮守舊派不曾料到的。日本成功地在歐美列強面前,透過對金玉均事件的反應,轉而成為「文明」的象徵。《清日戰爭》一書指出:沉痛的是,當清日戰爭爆發時,幾乎沒有國家同情清國;因為金玉均事件,西方社會多以「文明對決野蠻」的眼光看待日清衝突。 金玉均在日本東京的墳塚,曾經在2005年遭遇「土地使用期滿、若無人繳費則可能迫遷」的危機。歷史是公正的。韓國政府基於對這位本國歷史上的改革先驅的敬意,向日方支付了費用,讓其英靈得以永存。這也算是金玉均推動自己國家革新進步而獲得的一份榮譽。畢竟此時的韓國,伴隨著文明普及、經濟起飛,已不再是一百多年前的那個閉塞小邦了。 ■文明成果的利用 《清日戰爭》一書提到了日本對文明成果的利用,值得深入探討。清日戰爭爆發之後,日本軍隊迅速建立起記者隨軍報道、外交官隨軍觀戰等制度。這些制度的運作,為日本贏得戰爭輿論起到了巨大的作用。而清軍除了表面上的武器現代化之外,根本沒有隨軍記者體制,亦無國際化的戰情發佈機制。這使得外國輿論在獲得戰爭資訊時,多是從跟隨日軍的記者那裡獲得第一手消息的,偏向性可想而知。 書中還提到日軍的紅十字會制度。日本為了向歐美列強展現其「文明國家」的形象,將紅十字會制度運用於軍隊中,並以此來進行戰場救護甚至是清國戰俘管理。日軍四處發佈公告,聲言會遵守國際公約、善待敵國俘虜。反觀清國,到處懸賞佈告,激勵士兵對待俘虜「取其頭顱、割其首級,凌辱示眾」。在歐美各國眼中,高下立判。 日本的這種做法收到了實效。日軍佔領中國旅順之後,對中國平民進行了屠殺,全城僅三十六人倖存。毫無國際輿論觀念的清國官方對此事毫無反應。西方記者將事件披露之後,日本政府為掩蓋事實,對西方進行了一系列輿論工作,指責「是清國不遵守國際法和交戰公約,士兵隱藏在平民裡,才導致虐殺發生。」這種論調最終贏得了外部同情。而清國則因對輿論操作、戰爭國際法、俘虜制度的一無所知,吃盡了大虧,還落下了一個「不關心本國民眾死活」的罵名。 ■改革帶來進步 宗澤亞評述清日戰爭時曾指出:臣民無法戰勝國民。國民之國,人人是國家的主人,人人將國事當作家事,人人有著真正的愛國熱情。明治維新後的日本,開國會、製憲法、保民權,人人得以參與國家大政,社會一派進取向上的面貌。而臣民國家之中,民眾對政治是冷漠和避諱的,甚至對自己的利益也漠不關心。因為臣民國家中,一切資源甚至國家本身,都是統治者的私產,大眾無法參與國事的管理和運作。自然,也就失去了對國家的感情。 清日戰爭結束後十年左右,日俄戰爭再次檢驗了日本的改革成果。日本勝,俄國敗。這使得革命導師列寧對自己的祖國發出了「立憲的日本擊敗了專制的俄羅斯」的慨歎。 確實,革新開化,為一個國家帶來的動力是難以想像的。因為它為社會中下階層的人、尤其是那些有才華的人提供了報國與個人上升的出路。只有當國家真正屬於全體國民、政治真正成為孫中山口中的「眾人之事」時,國民才能為國家的前途發揮出巨大的熱情、創造力和新思維,國家才能真正獲得進步的動力和基石。甲午硝煙已經證明:惟有革新進取,才能為國家和國民帶來希望和幸福;食古不化、滿足於表面的技術更替,守舊排外,最終只會帶來屈辱和失敗。

旅日学者宗泽亚:臣民无法战胜国民~01(转载) {.title} 旅日学者宗泽亚:臣民无法战胜国民~ 本文系凤凰网历史对话《清日战争》作者宗泽亚先生文字实录,文字整理:杨超 《清日战争》简介:《清日战争》是介绍中日甲午战争的历史著作,全书共5章,约40万字、500幅图片、90张表格。书中所引材料主要出自日本所藏档案文献、学术着作和研究成果,包括了一些以前此类出版物中很少见的内容,材料丰富、翔实、珍贵。作者文笔通俗流畅,写作态度严谨。由北京后浪出版咨询有限公司2012年4月出版。 宗泽亚:我认为清朝不能代表中华民族 凤凰网历史:宗先生你好,我们注意到《清日战争》有两个版本,一个是香港出品的繁体字版本,一个是世界图书出版的简体字版本,您能介绍一下这两个版本有什么区别吗? 宗泽亚:简体版《清日战争》在中国大陆出版了,作为作者我感到非常欣慰。在此作者向为本书曾经做过帮助的人表示感谢,尤其是向香港商务印书馆繁体版本《清日战争》的责任编辑徐昕宇先生;世界图书出版社简体版本《清日战争》的责任编辑马春华女士;国内资深近代历史学者黄东博士,在出版编辑过程中给予的协力,表示真诚的谢意。 首先作者想向读者报告一个关心的话题,《清日战争》简体版和繁体版,是否有出于政治因素而被删改的部分。作者直率的回答读者:作者参与了简体版本的全部定稿过程,除了个别文法、文字、封面设计、目录的修订外,简体版和繁体版的本文和图表均保持了相同的内容,这是作者版权转让的原则。作者原来曾想在简体版本增加新的内容,但是出于对简繁两版本一致性的尊重,对曾经购买过繁体版本读者的尊重,作者放弃了增添新内容的计划。 有人问这部直接关系到中国近代历史的作品,为什么要取道香港再进大陆呢?说来这实在是一个非常微妙的提问。坦率的说,《清日战争》是一个政治敏感的题目,虽然作品不涉及现今国家政治的内容,但是作品运用日本文献资料研究中国历史上的甲午战争,触及到了中国一贯的历史通说,许多内容会与过去的说教存在差异。阐述的观点和得出结论,客观上可能会挑战长期以来,国人形成的历史概念,特别是满汉历史定义的问题。 我在《清日战争》结束语最初的原稿内,曾经写下这样的感想。“研究清日战争,想到了大清王朝在中国历史上的定位。中华历史对满清蛮夷统治合法性的认定,建立在五千万汉民族人头落地的悲剧之上。康乾盛世奠定的大清版图,非满清王朝对华夏民族的恩赐,而是时代逐流沉淀的结果。中华历史没有为清王朝歌功颂德的理由,大清蛮夷和东西方列强一样都是同时代的历史罪人。清朝不是中华,大清国不能代表中华民族。中华民族认同曾经残暴屠杀无数汉民族裔的刽子手为中华是不合理的思维。华夏的子孙不应因清日战争的失败,而为大清奴役主的悲哀心生怜悯,自愿背上沉重的历史包袱。” 中国的历史,认定了大清王朝是中华民族历史的一部分,是中国历史的客观延续。无论大清朝代对中华民族做过多少恶事,被同化了260余年的中华民族,还是不得不屈尊满洲族对汉民族统治的事实,自愿背上了沉重的历史包袱。 同系蛮夷入侵的日本国,在中国人眼里,历史以来就是一个无恶不作的国家,对中国的数次战争给中国人民带来了深重灾难,而且历史的葛藤依然延续到今日。然而,中国人对中日近代史的评价,尤其是明治维新时代的日本,还是给予了较高的评价。 两个同为蛮夷的外来侵略,在中国人的内心深处荡漾着复杂的情感。他们有着凶恶的一面,也有值得学习的长处。中国人在外来文明的冲击下,终于看到了自身劣根性的存在,进而奋起改造这个国家。 写中国近代史,在大陆中国人的眼里存在很多的壁障。这种壁障的存在,使得历史的述说被规范在一个特定的说教之中,其真实性也大打折扣。政治是固执的,具有儒教性格的民族,历史以来就是政治的弱者。在这种思考下,作者不希望多年精心研究的作品,被受政治影响的编辑们进行手术改造,所以选择了先在香港出版再进大陆方法。因为香港那块弹丸之地,保持着一股严谨的学术风气和出版自由的宽容,香港商务印书馆做的是完美的。 完成和出版《清日战争》,作者需要承担许多心理挑战。一个热爱自己的祖国,曾经接受过长期的中国式教育,也有过共产党员的经历。可为什么还要挑战一百年以来,已经定格了的历史,来趟这滩浑水呢?准确的说,其实作者也不知道。作者当初的想法,只是想帮助人们澄清以往的一些概念。例如清国和日本间的战争命名问题,应该是继续称为“甲午战争”“清日甲午战争”“中日甲午战争”“中日第一次战争”还是应该称之为“清日战争”。 其二、现代中国的社会政治,提倡“和谐社会”“民族和谐”。《清日战争》的论述容易给人留下违反“和谐”的立场或成为众矢之的,所以作者的研究必须要有承担“不和谐”指责的勇气。我以为,历史的“认知”与民族的“和谐”,历史的究明与和谐的破坏,本质上是两个概念。中国五千年历史渊源,经历了比世界任何国家都要复杂的历史演变,澄清她的历史本身就是一个巨大的工程。随着历史研究的深入和证据的挖掘,历史解释都可能发生变化,尤其是中国的近代史。中国史上的满洲族和汉族都有引以自豪的历史文化,也有各自的民族劣根性,这是一个历史事实。当年孙中山先生的“驱逐鞑虏还我中华”的政治宣言,其实是对文明优劣做出的历史选择。如果将这一伟大的历史归类于满汉分裂、不和谐,那么中国的近代史就要重新写过。 其三、中国的文化大革命已经过去了30余年,但是中国仍然是一个帽子满天飞的社会,“汉奸”帽子甚至已经戴到了作者的头上。作者因此恳切的请求读者,在阅读本书时先看看结束语的一段话,“本著的构成以日本国内收藏的历史文献为主要资料源,书中对战争的叙述和图表的解说,是历史上日本人对日清战争的一般认识。由于清国官方缺少对战争的准确记录和统计,本著使用日本文献研究清日战争,会与中国的历史通说存在矛盾或片面性,作者期待中外研究者逐渐澄明正确的历史史实。书中收录的照片、绘画、统计表等文献,仅反映当时代日本人及欧美人对战争描绘的记录,非作者对战争当事国褒贬的立场。” 庆幸的是,现代青年学者们在自由的探索中国的历史,乃至追溯上千年前的历史故事,甚至挑战“老学究”们以往的定论。让人们重新认识历史的真实,而不是模糊的、政治性的对历史的一贯解说,这是中国人对历史研究态度的一种勇敢的进化。 作者期待读者用谦和的思考方法来阅读《清日战争》这本书,那样或许会受益这本书。面对如今铺天盖地的,狂热的渲染、赞美、炫耀,蛮夷大清帝国辉煌的清廷影视作品,我在迷惘之中,正努力寻找一个让自我能够“和谐”的共识。 宗泽亚:世界上许多大师的成功之作,往往不是遵循立项、研究、成功这样有条理的过程。他们的成功经常是一觉醒来,或是一闪念的灵感成就而成的。其实我们平头百姓,日常生活中做的许许多多事情也都是这样随机的一闪念。我写清日战争其实也有这样的巧合,有两件事可以说有着直接影响。 第一件事是,几年前,我在网上看到几位年轻人,为甲午战争的名称在那里争论,A说不应该叫“中日甲午战争”,那是清朝和日本打仗,怎能说中日呢?;B说不知甲午战争是什么战争,谁和谁打仗?甲午是咋回事啊?C说你的历史怎么学的?成绩一定不及格;一位写繁体字的D出来说话了,按照我们台湾的说法,应该叫“清日战争”。接着又出来一帮人,把D君一顿狂轰滥炸,说清国就是中华,清国就代表中华民族,甲午战争就是日本人和中国人打仗云云。大家各说各的理互不相让,听起来乱七八糟的,类似的问题至今还在网上经常看到。当时我认为,这是中国人对甲午战争定义上存在的模糊概念。 第二件事是,一次在日本国立公文书馆偶然看到,甲午战争威海卫保卫战,清国北洋水师战败后,清国投降将校士官宣誓降服的名簿。在我学习历史的时候,当时只知道邓世昌勇闯敌舰,被敌鱼雷击中壮烈殉国的故事,没有听说过有关甲午战争,清军投降和俘虏的事情,故而引起我极大的求知欲望,开始了更深入的兴趣性探索。 这两件事,是我开始研究甲午战争的一闪念和后来成书的机遇。虽然理工科技术者研究历史,看似有些专业不对口。但作者觉得其中没有必然的关系,因为中外历史上有不少理工科学者,曾经都有过令人刮目相看的文学作品,因此历史学家以外的人,研究历史著书立说也属正常之事。 经过一段研究,我开始从历史探索的业余兴趣转向严肃的学术研究立场。因为我发现了日本人和中国人对这段历史认识的重大差距。我应该有勇气挑战已经定格100年的历史认定,有责任和义务将敌国的认识,真实的转达给中国人知道。 再经过一段研究,我发现自己也许是完成这项研究最合适的人选,所以产生完成研究的责任感。因为我认为究明清日战争的历史,需要具备以下必要条件。(1)有长期坐地日本国内研究的自然条件;(2)有文献资料分选搜证的能力,爬梳整理去粗取精,避重就轻和避轻就重的执笔能力;(3)有阅读和翻译日文的能力;(4)有熟练的电脑操作能力,例如完成清日战争的研究,最低需要掌握Word(文字处理)、Excle(表格处理)、Photoshop(图片处理)、PageMaker(编辑处理)等软件工具的应用。(5)有中国文化和日本文化的生活经历,且能考虑日本人和中国人的立场和感情,正确解读文献的能力。(6)研究环境最重要,就是需要不受任何思想、学说、政治的干扰,可以大胆自我表达的这样一个环境,作者以为日本就是最佳的选择。(7)需要有敢于挑战已经定格的历史的勇气,不怕戴“汉奸”的大帽子,因此坚持出口有据落笔有根的原则成为作者写作的信念。 如果说如何把握写作的角度,作者认为只有理解中国文化和日本文化,才能准确掌握和解读一段有争议的历史,才可能把握好写作的角度。当然作者是否把握好了这个研究题目的写作角度,这需要广大读者来评价和指导。 明治政府给人民“国民”定位 让他们找到国家感觉 凤凰网历史:您在书中提到战争时期,日本民众意识形态逐渐从“人民”的概念走向“国民”的理念,奠定了“军国国民”的基础,但您也提到日本各个阶层对战争的态度不一,与知识界的狂热相比,普通日本民众关注的更多还是自己的生计,一些民众甚至不惜自残以逃避兵役。这两种说法似乎有一些矛盾,您日本民众意识形态概念走向“国民”这一观点的依据是什么呢? 宗泽亚:最近我在(远山愚翁)的博客,发表了一篇短文《人民的认知与国民的意识》。小短文中阐述了对人民和国民的理解,是在写作《清日战争》过程中产生的感想。因此在《清日战争》的结束语中写下了这样一段话,“明治维新的时代,东方传入了‘国民’的新概念,国家的人民从愚昧狭隘的个人意识,一举跃进到国家观的高度。‘国民’的思想,超越了‘人民’‘臣民’的理念。‘民’的脱胎,成为国家为我,我为国家的近代国家主义。日本‘国民’地位的诞生,在这场战争中,深刻影响了近代大陆文明的进步。” 明治维新,日本引入了国民的理念,这是国家的人民在意识形态上的一个重大跃进。国家给了人民“国民”的地位,国民将自身与国家纽带在一起,这样的国家和人民才是强大的。清日战争中日本国民的实际行动,证明了国民意识重大转变带来的巨大动力。 然而历史传承的私有利己主义意识,并非一朝一夕可以转变。“人民”的概念走向“国民”的理念,需要一个逐渐的改造和适应过程。明治维新的国度,正处在贫困的发展阶段,“人民”即使成为“国民”,也只是一种名称上的初级国民意识。在那个时代,国家对国民的寄托就是一呼而应,没有给予普通国民更高的政治寄托和意识形态的根本转变。所以普通民众的国家观比较知识分子,存在较大的差距。和平时期民众抵制兵役,逃避兵役可以认为是一种正常的,小农经济利己主义的个体表现。但是战争开始,国民遵守了国家赋予的使命,做到了响应国家号召一呼而应,逃避兵役则被公认为可耻的事情。 明治政府是在国家法律规则框架下的征兵,而民众是在寻找法律规则的漏洞,合理逃避兵役。在那个时代日本已经是法制社会,法制在日本民众的思维中形成。做事只要遵纪守法,合理规避兵役也无可非议,因为他们也付出了过大的自残代价,行为本身只能受到道德上的批评和谴责。不像中国内战那样,国民党毫无理由的乱抓壮丁,也不像老百姓那样披星戴月背井离乡式的逃避当兵。 研究清日战争就要理解明治维新,明治政府给了人民“国民”的定位,给了“民”一个“国”,让民找到了国家的感觉,我认为这是明治国家凝聚国家力量最重要进步。 现代中国人喜欢轻易的批评那个时代的中国民众没有国民意识,所以输掉了那场战争。其实作者建议批评家们平静的想一想,“您是国民吗?我们是国民吗?中国是国民社会吗?”。一个进步的社会变型是经过,人的原形、人群、臣民、人民、国民的改造过程。在这个性质的演变过程中,“国民”到达了象征“民”拥有“国家和民权”的最高境界,而我们正处于走向国民的改造阶段。不要轻易指责我们的先祖,他们是无辜的,我们的先祖被大清愚化了260年,也许在那些愚昧的人群之中,就能找到你的或我的祖先,为了一碗稀粥沿街乞讨的身影。 无论共产党还是国民党士兵都应受到祭奠和缅怀 凤凰网历史:您在书中提到“支持战争的国民,在自身的受害和受益中,同样负有重大的历史责任”,您又提到“无论清兵或日兵的战场行为如何超出伦理道德的规范而受到谴责,作为已经化为灵魂的普通人,仍然应该接受国家的祭奠和家族的缅怀”,对比美国南北战争,您认为应该如何看待那些死去的国民党士兵? 宗泽亚:首先表示抱歉,我对美国南北战争的情况了解甚少,无法进行合理性比较,但是您提出的问题却是非常尖锐和有价值的。解明这个问题,需要从“战争伦理学”入手进行研究,这关系到一个民族对“生命”价值观的认识问题。 我在《清日战争》最初的结束语原稿中,曾经写下了这样一段话: 战争逻辑学认为,战争没有正义或非正义之分,战与争能改变世界。战争是一个国家对另一个国家战争机器的较量,代表一个国家争取自身利益的极端体现。漫长的华夏进化史中,同样存在侵略与被侵略的战争历史,近代甲午战争本身就是清国和日本为争夺在朝鲜的利益引发的战争。如同十年后日俄两国为争夺在清国的利益,纵驰清国领土展开你死我活的战争一样。清日战争改变了清国和朝鲜的宗属国关系,日俄战争日本又夺走了俄国在清国的利益。如果历史上没有发生第二次世界大战,台湾版图会永远成为日本的领土,北方的满洲国也会永远从中国的版图独立出去,今天中国的版图就会是另外一幅模样。甲午战争是清日两国自愿宣战的合法战争,是封建国爱新觉罗的皇家与近代资本主义日本在两种意识形态上的较量。战争加速了清王朝的灭亡,给国家政治变革带来了机遇。 我在《清日战争》“战争历史人物”一节中,还写下了这样一段话: 研究清日战争的历史人物,窥视他们背后的故事,就能走近百年前战争的时代。翻开肖像沉重的扉页,历史人物给读者留下祥和的视觉。在战争对方国看来,他们是被相互仇恨的历史罪人。而广义的国家理念上,人物们代表自己国家的利益,是本国认知的政治伟人和英雄。他们的行为、魅力、智慧和愚昧,造就出近代史上惊心动魄的大事件,永远载入历史的史册。 这两段小节,我实际上是在向读者传递一个观点,就是从战争逻辑学的角度理解战争,有些问题就会想通和迎刃而解了。AB两方的战争,大家都会说自己有理,自己是正义一方。就像国民党和共产党间的战争,在当时的国际背景下,国际社会认定的是蒋介石代表的政府是中国唯一的合法政府。由于国民党的腐败和军事上的失败,导致国民党全线崩溃,成为非正义战争的一方。正所谓,胜者王侯败者贼。正义和非正义就在胜败之间,是难以辨明的是非问题。 按照以上推理,既然没有正义或非正义的战争,那么参与战争和为之牺牲的战士,他们就是独裁集团代表的国家利益的牺牲品,是被卷入战争的无辜民众。这些无辜的穿军装的民众也有过温暖的家庭,也有善良的父母妻儿,他们有权缅怀死去的亲人。卷入战争的民众是无辜的,卷入战争穿军装的民众也是无辜的,这就是战争伦理。因此无论共产党士兵还是国民党士兵,都应该受到中华民族的祭奠和缅怀。《清日战争》“战争与民众”一节写道,“一个凡人的个体,当因任何理由和原因成为军人,参与了正义或非正义的战争,他的公的行为代表了国家战争机器赋予的使命,国家是战争罪恶的代表。而他的私的战斗行为,表现了个人固有的善恶本性和道德准则。军人的肉体消灭化作阴魂,他又回到一个普通民众的立场,成为中性人的化身。清日战争无论是正义还是非正义战争,无论清兵或日兵的战场行为,如何超出伦理道德的规范受到谴责,作为已经化为魂灵的普通中性人,仍然应该接受国家的祭奠和家族的缅怀。” 文中“而他的私的战斗行为,表现了个人固有的善恶本性和道德准则。”是谴责在战争中没有人性的,实施过度杀戮,以及违背伦理道德准则的恶劣行为。这种善恶不分无人性道德的行为,是应该受到历史的唾弃和人们永远的憎恨。 中国人应该祭奠和缅怀为国家利益牺牲的战士 一个民族对“生命”价值观的认识,标志着这个民族的文明程度。记得中华人民共和国和日本、美国恢复建立外交关系时,对方开出的一个重要条件就是寻找战争时期,阵亡在中国战场的军人遗骨。对方国根据双方的线索展开了极为周密的调查和挖掘,并郑重的将遗骨带回自己的国家,为他们竖立一座应得的墓标。作者认为这是一个民族,对本民族人民“生命价值”尊重的体现。然而我们的国家,对我们的人民缺少这种尊重“生命价值”的思考。朝鲜战争、越南战争,以及散落在世界各地的中国军人遗骨,我们的政府没有宽宏的将他们带回自己的祖国,像孤魂野鬼那样留在异邦。现在的世纪,中国与周边国家的关系存在很多未知数,而且各国家对历史的解说,并不像我们历史教科书上所说,他们对我国充满感谢之情的说法,朗朗白日那些狡诈狰狞的面目时隐时现。 我坦率认为,现在不是讨论“应该如何看待那些死去的国民党士兵?”的问题,而是我们的国家,应该开辟一座国家公墓,把历史以来中国军人的遗骨迁移回自己的国家,让他们在自己国家的土地上安息。中国有这样的能力和财力,让中国人祭奠和缅怀,为国家利益牺牲的战士。在这一点上,中国人应该虚心学习美国民族、日本民族对“生命”价值的尊重。脚踏实地的去做应该做的事,而不是仅在口头上赋予一个“人民英雄永垂不朽”的虚衔了事。 Source: _旅日学者宗泽亚:臣民无法战胜国民~01(转载)_国际观察_天涯论坛_

Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude:incipe. Qui recte vivendi prorogat horam,rusticus exspectat dum defluat amnis; at illelabitur et labetur in omne volubilis aevum. Source: Lost in Translation: Horace, Epistle 1.2

The words occur in Horace, Ep.I.ii.40: Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet. Sapere Aude: Incipe. Vivendi recte qui prorogat horam. Rudsticus expectat dum defluat amnis: at illeLabitur et labetur in omne volubilis aevum. The passage translated reads: He that begins has half done. Dare to be wise: make a beginning. He that puts off time for living to right purpose is like a clown Waiting for the stream to flow by; but still flows that stream,And still will flow, rolling on forever.

The Melian Dialogue

right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. Source: The Melian Dialogue

DISCLAIMER: I am by no stretch of the imagination a “Security Expert”. So please bear in mind that following any advice I give on the subject is akin to placing your todger in the hands of Sweeney Todd and asking for ‘Just a pubic trim, please…’ DISCLAIMER2: In explaining this lot, I’m over-simplifying and using generic terms a lot. That’s partly because I don’t know what the feck I’m talking about.


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LLVM is a godsend of a research tool. Here are some detailed notes on what LLVM is, why you would want to use it for research, and how to get started as a compiler hacker. Source: LLVM for Grad Students

Chris Herridge spent eleven months painstakingly rebuilding the engine of his Triumph Spitfire Mk3, and photographing the process. Over 3,000 photos later, and he created this amazing video of an engine being disassembled and rebuilt. Source: Beautiful stop-motion engine rebuild

have this set up in my .vimrc:   highlight OverLength ctermbg=red ctermfg=white guibg=#592929 match OverLength /\v.+/   This highlights the background in a subtle red for text that goes over the 80 column limit (subtle in GUI mode, anyway - in terminal mode it’s less so). Source: coding style - Vim 80 column layout concerns - Stack Overflow

The following command line shows two possible solutions: You can restrict the replacement to certain lines with /regex/. And you can use the matched text in replacements with \0, \1, etc.   sed -e ‘/^(ENVIRONMENT=»[^«]*.com)»/s//\1.origin.net»/» Source: regex - How to use sed to replace a pattern in a file only in lines that contain another pattern - Stack Overflow

Node.js 2015 Secure Node Apps Against OWASP Top 10 - Cross Site Request ForgeryJun 29 2015 posted in JavaScript, Node.js, OWASP, Security Secure Node Apps Against OWASP Top 10 - Cross Site … Source: Node.js - Scott Smith

In this post, we will not only cover how to use Go to create a RESTful JSON API, but we will also talk about good RESTful design. If you have ever consumed an API in the past that doesn’t follow good design, then you end up writing bad code to consume a bad API. Hopefully, after this… Source: Making a RESTful JSON API in Go - The New Stack

We re-wrote our whole application in Go. Generally it was very good but there are a few things missing in the language. Source: Our Experience with Golang

I’m a heavy BBEdit user. For those of you who don’t know, BBEdit is a text editor (not a word processor) and it’s been around for almost a quarter century. I use it for writing code (a bit), and for cleaning or manipulating text data (a lot.) But mostly, I use it as a research […] Source: Using BBEdit and Markdown together - The Magic Bean Laboratory

Tolerance (The Liberation of Mankind) - Kindle edition by Hendrik Willem van Loon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Tolerance (The Liberation of Mankind). This book is the story of man’s fight for the right to think. Through its pages flow the surge and flux of battle greater than any battle of bullet and sword.

There’s an expression in gambling and investment circles: “Picking up nickels off of railroad tracks.” Meaning, there is this thing with a very small upside and a low probability of loss, but a loss is ruinous. Source: Guys picking up nickels off of railway tracks

I’m no expert but I think Lenin had good intentions, used some seriously bad methods, though perhaps less intrinsically evil than, say, Hitler’s or Stalin’s to overthrow a government and quiet dissent, and utilized a Marxist ideology which is questionable at best. Communism takes people’s economic livelihood as a right more seriously than capitalism. Unfortunately when actually instituted it has generally oppressed people’s rights of self-determination regarding «the pursuit of happiness» and certain non-ec

We made Unsplash to give something valuable to people. … That day, we not only experienced the immediate benefits of creating value but also a much bigger shift in how marketing needs to be done today in order to be heard. Source: The ROI of side projects - Crew blog

I’m going to take a stab at this primarily based on info on their jobs page:The tech: main app is node.js with nginx. They also use Java, one might guess for heavy-computational stuff. Redis is used as well, probably for recommendation/collection feeds. Medium relies heavily on AWS services, as they use EC2, EBS, S3, Route53, EMR, DynamoDB, SQS, CloudFront and SES. All their assets are being served via CloudFront.On the front-end, I’m guessing they built their own JS framework.

Let me tell you how to maximize your productivity on the Bourne Again SHell while minimizing your effort. bash has a ton of tricks and shortcuts … Source: Effective bash shorthand

From the wikipedia article is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADE_651" It requires no battery or other power source; its manufacturer claimed that it is powered solely by the users static electricity. To use the device, the operator must walk for a few moments to «charge» it before holding it at right angles to the body… According to Husam Muhammad, an Iraqi police officer and user of the ADE 651, using the device properly is more of an art than a science: If we are tense, the device doesnt work correct


As the dreams of Silicon Valley fill our world, could the dowdy historian Arnold Toynbee help prevent a nightmare?

If you’ve read our features on how to protect your privacy and stop everyone from tracking you on the web, you’ve heard us mention Ghostery. It’s a solid privacy tool, but Mashable reports that you should stay away from its opt-in «GhostRank» feature, which sells data on the ads you block to the ad companies themselves. The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Priv There are a ton of browser extensions that promise to protect your privacy, which leads to some… Read more Read more Everyone’s Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here’s How to Stop Them Everyone’s Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here’s How to Stop Them Everyone’s Trying to Track What You Do on the It’s no secret that there’s big money to be made in violating your privacy.

My recommendation for anyone starting CPU design is to not use the vendor FPGA tools for simulation. The simulators they bundle are often crippleware, and the vendor IDEs are painful. You’re going to spend the majority of your time debugging your design in simulation, so setting up a good environment is important. There are a lot of great open source simulation tools now: Verilator (Verilog) -- http://www.veripool.org/wiki/verilator Icarus Verilog -- http://iverilog.


Helping you select an MV* framework - Todo apps for Backbone.js, Ember.js, AngularJS and many more Source: TodoMVC

Spirit of Man

In the long history of the world, only a few generationshave been granted the role of defending freedomin its hour of maximum danger…The energy, the faith, the devotionwhich we bring to this endeavorwill light our country and all who serve it,and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. Source: Spirit of Man

Forever is a really simple and flexible tool to daemonize Node.js apps. Instead of running them with nohup node /path/to/app.js &, run them with forever (so you can forever start [app] and forever stop [app], among other things). Source: Start a Node.js app with Forever and Ansible | Server Check.in

。……四维不张,国乃灭亡。……国有四维,一维绝则倾,二维绝则危,三维绝则覆,四维绝则灭。倾可正也,危可安也,覆可起也,灭不可复错也。何谓四维?一曰礼、二曰义、三曰廉、四曰耻。礼不逾节,义不自进,廉不蔽恶,耻不从枉。 Source: 四维八德 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书

《管子·牧民》:「国有四维,一维绝则倾,二维绝则危,三维绝则覆,四维绝则灭。倾可正也,危可安也,覆可起也,灭不可复错也。何谓四维?一曰礼、二曰义、三曰廉、四曰耻。」 Source: 新生活運動 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书

國有四維。一維絶則傾,二維絶則危,三維絶則覆,四維絶則滅。傾可正也,危可安也,覆可起也,滅不可復錯也。何謂四維?一曰禮,二曰義,三曰廉,四曰恥。禮不踰節,義不自進,〈自進,謂不由薦舉也。〉廉不蔽惡,〈隱蔽其惡,非貞廉也。〉恥不從枉。〈詭隨邪枉,無羞之人。〉故不踰節則上位安,不自進則民無巧詐,不蔽惡則行自全,不從枉則邪事不生。 Source: 管子/第01篇牧民 - 维基文库,自由的图书馆

… I dont think its child abuse, though, as both the parents and children are part of this world view which uses socially accepted norms for success as their primary metrics of worth. Its an extreme form of absolute submission to external motivation. I think this comes from a culture of insecurity, addiction to simple success metrics, and maybe even a little intellectual laziness. Doing well in school isn’t worthless, but it’s perpendicular to learning to decide for yourself what your values are and in what direction you want to pull the world as you interact with it.

I’d like to see a course alongside “Programming 101” called something like “Programming Methodologies 101” where the topics covered would be: Source Control. TDD. Agile. XP. Waterfall. How to write documentation. Programming Methodologies 102: REST APIs Continuous Integration. Configuration Management. This is the kind of thing that General Assembly do actually teach, and there’s also CodeSchool with their Try Git free course, and also their Try R course.

This is an annotated version of the second edition of Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke, which is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial license. Source: License | Watch and Code™

A close friend of mine is currently doing a year long round-the-world trip. Being the sucker nice guy that I am, I have agreed to receive her mail and keep her important documents for her. Sometimes I have situations where I need to scan stuff for her and send them electronically. Usually my trusty ScanSnap … Source: How To Combine PDF Files in Mac OSX Using Automator To Make A Service

“Pain or suffering of any kind,” he wrote, “if long continued, causes depression and lessens the power of action, yet it is well adapted to make a creature guard itself against any great or sudden evil.” And so sorrow was explained away, because pleasure was not enough. Sometimes, Darwin wrote, it is the sadness that informs as it “leads an animal to pursue that course of action which is most beneficial.

… people are working on decentralizing the web. This makes the web uncensorable and permanent. The two most promising projects in this area are IPFS1 and Ethereum’s Swarm[2]. When we rebuild social networking and publishing on top of protocols like these, the problem this post illustrates will go away. Anyone who wants to help build these systems can email me (address in profile) and I’ll try to send you to the right people and resources

beefsack 2 hours ago GitHub does handle binaries, available through the «releases» link on the repo navigation bar. Developers can relate releases to tags and upload binaries. https://github.com/beefsack/git-mirror/releases reply zyxley 2 hours ago You can also potentially wire this up to CI services, to automatically build and deploy a release binary for every new commit on a given branch. reply bhuga 1 hour ago Some popular GitHub CI integrators already do this: http://docs.

The Bad News About the News:Robert Kaiser, the former managing editor of the Washington Post, presents an examination of the changing state of the news industry and the impending threat to American democracy. Source: The Bad News About the News | Brookings Institution

The Selfish Class

A code-level artifact must be able to attract programmers in order to survive and flourish. Source: The Selfish Class

Yesterday feminists across the first world screamed in outrage over an old man having an unpopular opinion. Why? Because this man happened to be a nobel prize winner in science. brxman • 3 days ago In Hamiltonian mechanics, one can integrate a Lagrangian and get an Action to minimize. Done properly, one can prove, mathematically, that if you drop a ball, it falls straight down. Ain't that a pisser?

$ git clone -bare https://github.com/exampleuser/old-repository.git# Make a bare clone of the repository$ cd old-repository.git$ git push -mirror https://github.com/exampleuser/new-repository.git# Mirror-push to the new repository$ cd ..$ rm -rf old-repository.git# Remove our temporary local repository Source: GitHub: How to make a fork of public repository private? - Stack Overflow

The PPP reference is about as worthless of a concept as you could get in measuring economic scale. If I make $80,000 and my cup of coffee costs $4, and the person in China makes $4,000 but their equivalent cup of coffee costs $0.10 - they’d have you believe that person has a meaningful purchasing power advantage. Right up until that person earning $4,000 tries to buy a BMW, take a vacation to Paris, or save more than $400 per year.

The real point of the story is very clearly a moral parable. It’s not just, oh, something terrible is going to happen, but it’s about realizing that what looks like an enviable life, a life of wealth, a life of power, a life of luxury is, in fact, fraught with anxiety, terror and possibly death. Source: ‘Sword Of Damocles’ Reference Sometimes Misused : NPR

Believe it or not, the very first version of Javascript shipped without Arrays.Subsequent versions made up for the oversight and modern Javascript Arrays arepowerful structures indeed emulating many common data structures such as stacks and queues.This reference will cover the core functionality of Arrays as well as introduce a few useful extensions. Source: Mastering Javascript Arrays

I know data security is hard, but maybe if the government spent money on proper protections of peoples data instead of building data centers to spy on its citizens, this wouldnt have happened.The Gozer Principal: in Information Security you get to design the weapon that will be used against you 1. Dont build a tool you are unwilling to hand to your greatest enemy.For example what happens when foreign governments steal the domestic bulk surveillance data?


作为国内最专业的云计算频道,提供关于OpenStack云计算,云计算 大数据,云计算Hadoop等相关云计算技术, 云计算平台,云计算服务的权威报道 Source: 云计算-CSDN.NET

The first lines of Parse code were written nearly four years ago. In 2011 Parse was a crazy little idea to solve the problem of building mobile apps. Those first few lines were written in Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails Ruby let us get the first versions of Parse out the door quickly. It let a small team of engineers iterate on it and add functionality very fast. There was a deep bench of library support, gems, deploy tooling, and best practices available, so we didn’t have to reinvent very many wheels.

Basically a manager’s job is to make other people more productive. What’s one really good way to do that? Do the work that is getting in their way. Which means: find out what kind of important work your developers dislike the most, and do it for them. Source: On Managing Developers | TechCrunch

Heres how to be a non-technical co-founder that makes tech guys excited and willing to hop on board:* Articulate a vision thats broad, compelling and unique. Filter tech guys by the ones who are already excited by that vision rather than trying to convince them away from their pet cause.* Become so educated in the field that you can confidently answer any of the tech guys questions and that you can educate and provide insight into the field from the very start of the conversation.

Asynchronous timers in JavaScript are inherently inaccurate, and the more work they have to do, the worse they become. But there is a simple way of making timers that self-adjust to compensate for even the heaviest loads. Source: Creating Accurate Timers in JavaScript

<span class="pln"async</span<span class="pun".</span<span class="pln"waterfall</span<span class="pun"([</span <span class="kwd"function</span<span class="pln" readFile</span<span class="pun"(</span<span class="pln"readFileCallback</span<span class="pun")</span <span class="pun"{</span<span class="pln" fs</span<span class="pun".</span<span class="pln"readFile</span<span class="pun"(</span<span class="str"'stocktest.json'</span<span class="pun",</span<span class="pln" readFileCallback</span<span class="pun");</span <span class="pun"},</span <span class="kwd"function</span<span class="pln" processFile</span<span class="pun"(</span<span class="pln"file</span<span class="pun",</span<span class="pln" processFileCallback</span<span class="pun")</span <span class="pun"{</span <span class="kwd"var</span<span class="pln" stocksJson </span<span class="pun"=</span<span class="pln" JSON</span<span class="pun".</span<span class="pln"parse</span<span class="pun"(</span<span class="pln"file</span<span class="pun");</span <span class="kwd"if</span <span class="pun"(</span<span class="pln"stocksJson</span<span class="pun"[</span<span class="pln"ticker</span<span class="pun"]</span <span class="pun"!=</span <span class="kwd"null</span<span class="pun")</span <span class="pun"{</span<span class="pln" stocksJson</span<span class="pun"[</span<span class="

Angular, Backbone and Ember all have the concept of views, events, data models and routing. We will compare their differences and outline ideal use cases. Source: AngularJS vs. Backbone.js vs. Ember.js


In the aftermath of the scandal involving the 2010 Shanghai Expo’s use of an «original» song that was actually an unauthorized copy of a Japanese pop song,

In Java you can use a for() loop to go through objects in an array like so:String[] myStringArray = {«Hello»,«World»};for(String s : myStringArray){ //Do something}Can you do the same in Source: Loop through array in JavaScript - Stack Overflow

docs.nodejitsu.com is a growing collection of how-to articles for node.js, written by the community and curated by Nodejitsu and friends. These articles range from basic to advanced, and provide relevant code samples and insights into the design and philosophy of node itself. Source: How to use util.inspect - docs.nodejitsu.com

This is a guest post from Valeri Karpov, a MongoDB Hacker and co-founder of the Ascot Project. _If you’re interesting in learning about how to use MongoDB with Node.js, sign up for a free, introductory 7-week course on MongoDB and Node.js For more MEAN Stack wisdom, check out his blog at TheCodeBarbarian.com. Valeri originally coined the term MEAN Stack while writing for the MongoDB blog, and you can find that post here.

In order to use Sass & Compass with Grunt we will need NPM (node package manager), Node.js, Ruby, Sass and Compass. Here’s how you can get started: Windows Install Ruby using the Ruby Installer Install Compass. Open command prompt and run the following command: gem install compass Install Node.js & NPM. Download the installer and […] Source: How to install Sass & Compass with Grunt? - Rob Davarnia

It seems like every day I search Google for the command to show hidden files on Mac OS X, not to mention Googling for the command to then hide those hidden files a few minutes later. Today I decided to make a short and easy to remember alias to speed up the process. All I […] Source: Quickly Show/Hide Hidden Files on Mac OS X Mavericks & Yosemite - Ian Lunn - Front End Developer

HTML Entities

Non Breaking SpaceA common character entity used in HTML is the non breaking space ( ).Remember that browsers will always truncate spaces in HTML pages. If you write 10 spaces in your text, the browser will remove 9 of them. To add real spaces to your text, you can use the character entity. Source: HTML Entities

Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Source: Proof by induction | Induction | Khan Academy

This article guides you through some examples on how you can replace jQuery in your visualization projects by using D3-only solutions. Source: Replacing jQuery with D3

Carl Quinn explains how Riot Games built a cloud platform based on the Netflix OSS stack plus a number of other extensions including Dropwizard, Eureka, Archaius, Asgard, Edda, etc. Source: How We Built a Cloud Platform Using Netflix OSS

Swift, true to its name, is moving fast. With the beta release of Swift 1.2, the Swift team has responded to so many of the community’s requests in one fell swoop, we’re overflowing with new and exciting features. This week, take a look at two major aspects of the release that will significantly improve the experience of working in Swift: first, big changes in `if let` optional binding, and second, new access to nullability annotations in Objective-C.

Carl Quinn explains how Riot Games built a cloud platform based on the Netflix OSS stack plus a number of other extensions including Dropwizard, Eureka, Archaius, Asgard, Edda, etc. Source: How We Built a Cloud Platform Using Netflix OSS

View and search through your Collection of books purchased from Packt Publishing: a tech publisher helping the world put software to work in new ways. Source: My Collection | PACKT Books

Why a re-introduction? Because JavaScript is notorious for being the world’s most misunderstood programming language. While often derided as a toy, beneath its deceptive simplicity lie some powerful language features, one that is now used by an incredible number of high-profile applications, showing that deeper knowledge of this technology is an important skill for any web or mobile developer. Source: A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS tutorial) - JavaScript | MDN

At Lateral we use PostgreSQL to store documents for our visualiser. Each document consists of a text column and a JSON column with meta data inside such as a title, date and URL. We wanted to create a fast search experience for the visualiser that lets you search the full text of documents as well as their titles to quickly find a document to get Lateral recommendations for. Source: Full text search in milliseconds with PostgreSQL - Lateral

公孙丑曰:“君子之不教子,何也?”孟子曰:“势不行也。教者必以正;以正不行,继之以怒;继之以怒,则反夷矣。‘夫子教我以正,夫子未出于正也。’则是父子相夷也。父子相夷,则恶矣。古者易子而教之。父子之间不责善。责善则离,离则不祥莫大焉。” Source: Mengzi : Li Lou I - Chinese Text Project

Your business doesn’t need a hollow manifesto. It needs an unwavering message and forundation for success. It needs a rallying point. Source: Rallying points / Paul Jarvis

As makers, creators, doers, builders, freelancers, we focus almost entirely on those things we produce. Especially in the beginning, because that’s how we’re wired. Source: The Step Back / Paul Jarvis

人生十年曰幼,学;二十曰弱,冠;三十曰壮,有室;四十曰强,而仕;五十曰艾,服官政;六十曰耆(qí),指使;七十曰老,而传;八十九十曰耄(mào),七年曰悼。悼与耄,虽有罪,不加刑焉。百年曰期,颐。大夫七十而致事。若不得谢,则必赐之几杖,行役以妇人。适四方,乘安车。自称曰老夫,于其国则称名。越国而问焉,必告之以其制。 http://www.zhibeidy.com/mcache/2015/0205/27135.php

Master real-time MEAN web application development and learn how to construct a MEAN application using a combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js Source: MEAN Web Development | PACKT Books

The reality distortion field was a confounding melange of a charismatic rhetorical style, an indomitable will, and an eagerness to bend any fact to fit the purpose at hand. via Folklore.org: Reality Distortion Field.

I’ve talked to a couple lawyers about this and their advice, somewhat surprisingly, was that you don’t need to incorporate until you’re past the «project» stage. Specifically: 1.) You’re handling money. As soon as money’s involved your liability goes up significantly - plus, the corporation needs its own bank account. 2.) You have investors. They need an entity to be able to invest. 3.) You need the business to continue if one of the people involved backs out.

you can remove entire repository using curl:curl -X DELETE registry-url/v1/repositories/repository-name/to remove unused images you have to remove tag first:$ curl -X DELETE registry-url/v1/repositories/repository-name/tags/then run this script:https://gist.github.com/kwk/c5443f2a1abcf0eb1eaaon docker registy server, make sure you install ‘jq’ package first via How to delete repository from private registry? · Issue #45 · docker/docker-registry · GitHub.

Use a volume! Yes, again. If you write all your logs under a specific directory, and that directory is a volume, then you can start another “log inspection” container (with -volumes-from, remember?) and do everything you need here. Again, if you need special tools (or just a fancy ack-grep), you can install them in the other container, keeping your main container in pristine condition. via Why you don’t need to run SSHd in your Docker containers | Docker Blog.

How to type em-dash

How to type em-dash — On Windows: Hold down the ALT key and type 0151 on the keypad On Mac OS: Hold down the Shift and Option keys then press the minus key In HTML: — or — via How to type em-dash.

Editor’s Note: The following is a genuine exchange of correspondence between Apple Computer Inc. and one of their customers. It all started with a light-hearted glossary entry that somehow eluded the corporate watchdogs and slid into an early Apple user’s manual: write-only memory: A form of computer memory into which information can be stored but never, ever retrieved, developed under government contract in 1975 by Professor Homberg T. Farnsfarfle. Farnsfarfle’s original prototype, approximately one inch on each side, has so far been used to store more than 100 trillion words of surplus federal information.

According to StatCounter browser statistics (http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser_version-ww-monthly-201311-201412) only the last few versions of each Browser are in the use. As of writing this on 12/31/14, Chrome 39 and Chrome 38, Firefox 34 and Firefox 33, IE 11, IE 10, and IE 9 take majority of the market space. If you test in these browsers and your website looks good then you should be fine. via Best way to quickly test in all browsers?

But Mr. Nelson established Hackers and Founders Co-op, a business incubator he bootstrapped with his wife, three years ago. Of that first class of eight companies, two start-ups failed right away because of conflicts between founders, two have been acquired, one is profitable and the other three have raised significant investment capital. The companies include Tripping, Hiku.us and Boutiika (which we wrote about in October). The Co-op took 2 percent equity from each of the start-ups it advised; last year it sold two-thirds of that equity to angel investors for $300,000.

A computer game runs entirely in the memory of a computer. Whatever you see on the screen is just a representation of the current game state. All logic is completely independent of what’s shown on the monitor. You could throw the monitor away and still play the game, in memory. via Tutorial: Tetris with Impact.js | Chris on Code.

Until the mid 2000s, the EECS undergraduate requirements (Course V I) included a «Common Core» of four 15-unit undergraduate subjects that all Course VI undergrads had to take. These were 6.001 (SICP), 6.002, 6.003, and 6.004. All of these subjects except 6.001 still exist, but are no longer required of all undergraduate EECS majors. Instead the department implemented two 12-unit hands-on intro EECS subjects, 6.01 and 6.02, reduced the units of the remaining former core subjects to 12, added 6.


If I said that someone was a high school drop-out, had a daughter with an ‘unusual’ name, built a jet, married multiple times, built a radio when he was young, and put tape players in cars, who would you think I meant? via CAPS 2009 APN.

Let us assume that we invited an unknown person to a game of cards. If this person answered us, “I don’t play,” we would either interpret this to mean that he did not understand the game, or that he had an aversion to it which arose from economic, ethical, or other reasons. Let us imagine, however, that an honorable man, who was known to possess every possible skill in the game, and who was well versed in its rules and its forbidden tricks, but who could like a game and participate in it only when it was an innocent pastime, were invited into a company of clever swindlers, who were known as good players and to whom he was equal on both scores, to join them in a game.

Minimize full screen XD session on Linux:To do this you need to allow a key stroke to pass through to the Linux system instead of the XD session. This can be achieved by using the key sequence Ctrl+F2, which tells the client to pass the next keystroke to the Linux system. Then to minimize the window enter the shortcut for your Linux desktop environment to minimize the current window For gnome this is Alt+F9.

As a programming newbie who has been teaching myself how to program in Node, I will give you my perspective. First, make sure that you understand the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. I also recommend learning the basics of jQuery and Bootstrap just because they are so ubiquitous and you will run across them a lot. Second, make sure that you have a good grasp of JavaScript concepts. Learn about first-class functions, closures, callbacks, passing by reference vs.

Great Hackers

make the following deal with yourself: you never have to work on boring projects (unless your family will starve otherwise), and in return, you’ll never allow yourself to do a half-assed job. via Great Hackers.

This article does not tell us how TI got there in the first place. The story goes something like this: Two math profs at Ohio State I knew them, but forget their names had been using computers to help teach calculus since the late 1960s. When the first graphing calculators hit the market they bought them, and quickly decided that you would spend too much time teaching students how to use the calculator, rather than teaching them math.

争你们个人的自由,便是为国家争自由!争你们自己的人格,便是为国家争人格!自由平等的国家不是一群奴才建造得起来的 via 万家述评_文学城博客.

In object oriented programming, Inheritance is the evil forest. Experienced programmers know to avoid this evil because they know that deep inside the Dark Forest Inheritance is the Evil Queen Meta-Programming. She likes to eat software and programmers with her massive complexity teeth, chewing on the flesh of the fallen. But, the forest is so powerful and so tempting that nearly every programmer has to go into it, and try to make it out alive with the Evil Queen’s head before they can call themselves real programmers.

The -skip-grant-options enables anyone to connect without a password and with all privileges. Because this is insecure, you might want touse -skip-grant-tables in conjunction with -skip-networking to prevent remote clients from connecting.from: reference: resetting-permissions-generic via How do I retrieve my MySQL username and password? - Stack Overflow.

Thanks for posting this Jenn. It pointed me in the right direction. And as I went through the process I took my own notes so I can post them here for anyone else who wants to install Windows 7 on their Acer V5-552. Acquire a Windows 7 USB install drive. If you only have a disc then convert that to a disk image and then copy the disk image to a USB drive.

the way to choose a «perfect» portrait lens is to choose a lens that is about twice the diagonal measure of the film format you are using. That formula unfortunately fails to recognize the problem of shooting an 8×10 portrait format shot with the overly long frame of the 135 format camera. A better method is to base the FL on the short dimension of the frame! On a 645 format body, 150-180mm is the ‘best’ range for waist-up to tight headshot FL.

You’re Getting Warmer: The Best Dynamic Stretches These exercises- as taught by the United States Tennis Association’s player-development program – are good for many athletes, even golfers. Do them immediately after your aerobic warm-up and as soon as possible before your workout. STRAIGHT-LEG MARCH (for the hamstrings and gluteus muscles) Kick one leg straight out in front of you, with your toes flexed toward the sky. Reach your opposite arm to the upturned toes.

op_reg : processclk begin if rising_edgeclk then if hold = 0 then case op_ctrl is when reset_op => op_code <= «00010010»; when fetch_op => — fetching opcodes while entering halt state causes register corruption if state /= halt_state and next_state /= halt_state then op_code <= data_in; end if; when others => — when latch_op => null; end case; end if; end if; end process; via Robotronic adventures - Pipistrello - Gadget Factory Forum.

In Bash you quite often need to check to see if a variable has been set or has a value other than an empty string. This can be done using the -n or -z string comparison operators. The -n operator checks whether the string is not null. Effectively, this will return true for every case except where the string contains no characters. ie: VAR=«hello» if [ -n «$VAR» ]; then


事親有隱而無犯,左右就養無方,服勤至死,致喪三年。事君有犯而無隱,左右就養有方,服勤至死,方喪三年。事師無犯無隱,左右就養無方,服勤至死,心喪三年。──《禮記‧檀弓上》 via 儒學小故事.

Olympus OM lens compatibility chart Wide-angle Compatible lens Recommeneded f/stop and focal length Olympus Zuiko Fish Eye 8mm f/2.8 f/4-f/8 Olympus Zuiko Fish Eye 16mm f/3.5 f/4-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 18mm f/3.5 f/5.6-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 21mm f/2 f/2.8-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 21mm f/3.5 f/4-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 24mm f/2 f/2.8-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 f/4-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 28mm f/2 f/4-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 f/5.6-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 28mm f/3.5 f/5.6-f/8 Olympus Zuiko 35mm f/2 f/4-f/8

From Chuck Norcutt: I suspect that he may not be fully sorted yet. I don’t belong to the Rangefinder forum so perhaps you or Piers might post some of this. First, a warning based on the poster’s intent to use the T32 at 20 meters. Using the T32’s calculator panel (on the auto/manual side of the panel) you can see that, even at ISO 400, an f/2.8 lens will be required to reach 20 meters.

So heres how to shoot XP2 Super, according to me. Its simple. This yields the highest percentage of results of the best quality—I dont care a whit for «make do» solutions that yield only acceptable results. Using camera metering: • For regular shooting in most normal lighting, use EI ISO 200. • For shooting in extremely bright and/or contrasty lighting, like harsh full sun and shadows, use EI ISO 100. This insures adequate shadow detail, and the highlights wont block up.

«The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.»-Jeff Cooper via A Canon AE-1 Program vs a Pentax K1000 vs a Olympus OM-10?

This! All my staff have ban hammers and it works out well. You should definetly get these plugins, they really help with combating the griefers, spammers, hackers, etc.VanishNoPacket to spy on players http://dev.bukkit.or...er-mods/vanish/CoreProtect Anti-griefing + rollback tools http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/coreprotect/SpamGuard Spam prevention tool http://dev.bukkit.or...mods/spamguard/NoCheat+ Anti-hacks http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/nocheatplus/Orebfuscator Blocks x-ray http://dev.bukkit.or...s/orebfuscator/Those are my top ones. They work really well on my server and Id reccomend them to anyone thats looking to remove the hackers and griefers.

I get it, we are in one of the most competitive areas of the states, flush between Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and a meddley of internationally reputed companies. Still, not all students, especially the few of us (friends and myself included) who transfered here from other countries, were quite ready to be swept up our feet so violently by the crowds rushing towards the finish line with as many pins and golden stars as they could carry.

For starters, you can switch to double quotes: sed «s/mytext/$var/» Sometimes that does not work. It would depend on the exact value of mytext. So another solution is to turn the single quoted string into two single quoted strings: sed ’s/mytext/‘$var’/» In this case, the 2nd single quoted string is ‘/’. Just using a backslash would work to that and it saves a character: sed ’s/mytext/‘$var\/ There is actually no reason to quote a slash so this should also work with most shells:

June 4th, 2011 #2kaibobChocolate-Covered Ubuntu Beans Join Date: Jun 2008Location: CaliforniaBeans: 2,272Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick MeerkatRe: bash random stringI came across the following command-line a while back. It produces eight random upper- and lower-case letters. Code:tr -dc «[:alpha:]» < /dev/urandom | head -c 8Last edited by kaibob; June 6th, 2011 at 06:23 AM.. via bash random string - Ubuntu Forums.

I’ve been reminded that the StrictHostKeyChecking no option can also be added to your ~/.ssh/config file if you don’t want to check any key from any host. This scares me a little so I’d rather do it by hand on a select few hosts. via Adding SSH host keys without a prompt | Labrats Blog.

I’m glad this confirms what I’ve been saying: this new Windows 8 dual UI thing is the worst decision in the history of UI design. I could go on and on about why it is so bad. But the video with the dad shows what happens when you violate rule 1 of basic UI design: Recognition, not memory. What does this mean? Simply, a user should always have cues to make him recognize immediately where he is, where he can go next and where he is coming from.

#!/bin/bashMUSER=«$1»MPASS=«$2»MDB=«$3» # Detect pathsMYSQL=$which mysqlAWK=$which awkGREP=$which grep if [ $# -ne 3 ]then echo «Usage: $0 {MySQL-User-Name} {MySQL-User-Password} {MySQL-Database-Name}» echo «Drops all tables from a MySQL» exit 1fi TABLES=$$MYSQL -u $MUSER -p$MPASS $MDB -e show tables | $AWK { print $1} | $GREP -v ^Tables for t in $TABLESdo echo «Deleting $t table from $MDB database…» $MYSQL -u $MUSER -p$MPASS $MDB -e «drop table $t»done via MySQL Empty Database / Delete or Drop All Tables.

Update: Use "-S ," if SQl is installed on a different port (default 1433): aspnet_regsql.exe -ssadd -sstype p -S,8433 -U -P ———————- ASPState Installation Gotcha Filed under: ASP.NET — canonw @ 11:08 am My development machine is getting unstable. So I decided to reload my computer from scratch. One of the tasks is to install ASPState to ASP.Net applications. It’s been a long time I install ASP.Net. And I’m repeating the same old mistake I made years ago.

Windows Tools

https://s3.amazonaws.com/Cognero-CodeBase/windows_tools/7z920-x64.msi https://s3.amazonaws.com/Cognero-CodeBase/windows_tools/CloudBerryExplorerSetup_v3.2.2.53.exe https://s3.amazonaws.com/Cognero-CodeBase/windows_tools/gvim73_46.exe https://s3.amazonaws.com/Cognero-CodeBase/windows_tools/_vimrc https://s3.amazonaws.com/Cognero-CodeBase/windows_tools/ter-112n.fon https://s3.amazonaws.com/Cognero-CodeBase/windows_tools/npp.5.9.8.Installer.exe

For this type of quoting problem, eval is almost always the solution. #!/bin/sh SED_ARG=«-e ’s/SOMETHING//g’» echo SOMETHING | eval sed «$SED_ARG» What’s happening is that in your version, the shell is invoking sed with one argument (the string «-e ’s/SOMETHING//g’»), but you want sed to be invoked with two arguments («-e» and «’s/SOMETHING//g’»). Eval causes the shell to interpret the string the way you want. via bash - How do you use shell script variables as arguments to sed?

eval is useful when cmd contains something which needs to be evaluated by the shell. The typical case would be when you have a variable containing the index of an argument you want to access. Code: n=1 # or whatever, just to make this self-contained eval echo \${$n} via eval in shell scripting - The UNIX and Linux Forums.

Date: Wed Sep 25 13:11:26 1996 Path: news.demon.co.uk!dispatch.news.demon.net!demon!usenet2.news.uk.psi.net!uknet!usenet1.news.uk.psi.net!uknet!EU.net!Portugal.EU.net!news.rccn.net!news.ist.utl.pt!beta.ist.utl.pt!L38076 From: L38076@beta.ist.utl.pt (Carlos Jorge G.duarte) Newsgroups: comp.editors Subject: do-it-with-sed (long) Date: 24 Sep 1996 7:18:28 GMT Organization: Instituto Superior Tecnico Lines: 2137 Distribution: inet Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: beta.ist.utl.pt X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2v [AXP/VMS]] Hi everyone, this is a little (~50k) document on how to use doc, and with some trailing examples. Here it is now, after my name — Carlos via http://sed.

cat file87 c0t0d0 c0t2d0 # hostname vgname c0t0d1 c0t2d1 # hostname vgname c0t0d2 c0t2d2 # hostname vgname c0t1d0 c0t3d0 # hostname vgname1 c0t1d3 c0t3d3 # hostname vgname1 cat file88 c0t0d0 c0t4d0 # hostname1 vgname c0t0d1 c0t4d1 # hostname1 vgname c0t0d2 c0t4d2 # hostname1 vgname c0t1d0 c0t6d0 # hostname1 vgname1 c0t1d3 c0t6d3 # hostname1 vgname1 cat f87_88 awk ‘ FILENAME==«file87» { dat[$1]=$2} FILENAME==«file88» { if(FNR > 0)

———————————————————————— Convert a sed script to a bash-command-line command ———————————————————————— #!/usr/bin/sed -nf # converts a sed script (like this) to a (one-line) command line # sed expression # # usually, writing sed expressions on command line permit a very # fast development of the idea, but less readability # # this permits to convert (small) sed scripts, and incorporate # them on alias, for instance # # Rules are: #

Configuration Manual which replaces the Reference Manual with more a explicit configuration language explanation. Reference Manual for version 1.4 (stable) : configuration.txt : Configuration Manual (English) Browsable directory : Various other docs and diagrams via HAProxy - The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer.

Multiple commands with -e command One method of combining multiple commands is to use a -e before each command: sed -e ’s/a/A/’ -e ’s/b/B/’ new A «-e» isn’t needed in the earlier examples because sed knows that there must always be one command. If you give sed one argument, it must be a command, and sed will edit the data read from standard input. Also see Quoting multiple sed lines in the Bourne shell

frontend solr_lb bind localhost:8080 acl master_methods method POST DELETE PUT use_backend master_backend if master_methods default_backend read_backends backend master_backend server solr-a weight 1 maxconn 512 check backend slave_backend server solr-b weight 1 maxconn 512 check backend read_backends server solr-a weight 1 maxconn 512 check server solr-b weight 1 maxconn 512 check via Solr Replication, Load Balancing, haproxy and Drupal | Dave Hall Consulting.

Welcome to the AWS Documentation library. Click the links below to find service introductions, advanced service features, API references, and other useful information. via Documentation.

Welcome to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Developer Guide. This guide picks up where the Getting Started Guide ends and will provide you with the information necessary for creating more sophisticated AMIs, using advanced service features, and writing applications using Amazon EC2. This guide assumes you have worked through the Getting Started Guide, installed the command line and API tools as described, and have a general understanding of the service.

In reply to this post by Rene Lehmann i´m really new in Solr and have a question about the Solr replication. We want to use Solr in two data centers (dedicated fibre channel lane, like intranet) behind a load balancer. Is the following infrastructure possible? : one repeater and one slave per data center the repeaters used to each other for replication the slaves uses the local repeater for replication : Such a construction is possible?

SolrCloud SolrCloud is the name of a set of new distributed capabilities in Solr. Passing parameters to enable these capabilities will enable you to set up a highly available, fault tolerant cluster of Solr servers. Getting Started Check out and build Solr trunk: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/lucene/dev/trunk and build the example server with cd solr; ant example. If you haven’t yet, go through the simple Solr Tutorial to familiarize yourself with Solr. Solr embeds and uses Zookeeper as a repository for cluster configuration and coordination - think of it as a distributed filesystem that contains information about all of the Solr servers.

The way textfiles are formatted differs between Windows and Unix. If you open a textfile made in notepad under unix you will find that it has ^M where there should be a new line. Convert a text file from Windows/dos to unix: tr -d ‘\015’ < win-format.txt > unix-format.txt Convert a text file from unix to Windows/dos: sed -e ’s/$/\r/’ unix-format.txt > win-format.txt via Converting text files between Windows and UNIX (Linux Reviews).


set mouse-=a set number set nowrap set autoindent set expandtab set softtabstop=2 set shiftwidth=2

City of Palo Alto Website - A to Z Index. Shell Scripting: ProQuest Tech Books. PowerShell in Practice: ProQuest Tech Books. Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook, Third Edition: ProQuest Tech Books. Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level: ProQuest Tech Books. TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols, Second Edition: ProQuest Tech Books. Programming HTML5 Applications: ProQuest Tech Books. Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition: ProQuest Tech Books.

The following is from my nephew Billy. ———————- 毕拉斯哥达尼亚 吉永劭 Billy-Imhotep 二零一零年冬 一切的开始只是灵光一现。没有仙人托梦。这个怪名字,也不过是我的臆想。从小学毕业的那个暑假起,这个念头让我留下了大批画作。最初,这个虚构的世界只不过拥有几座格局一直在变只不过名字不变的大城市,单一民族,死气沉沉的有点过分。在自己玄虚之至的那段日子里,会想毁灭,偶然掺杂着故事,偶然掺杂着思想。当一个民族遭到了彻底的毁灭之后,会不会大彻大悟?当毁灭—发展—毁灭的循环一遍遍进行,他们的世界观会不会有一次又一次天翻地覆的变化?当一直被人唾弃的世俗之物——金钱、名利成为圣人们倡导的真理,而纯净和自然被人们利用却又糟践的时候,这个世界又会是什么样子?于是就有新的毕拉斯哥达尼亚,这是一段令人绝望又令人好奇的文明史,是一个种族对自身一次又一次的反省。至少我是这么想的。 这一年的毕拉斯哥达尼亚 二零一一年冬 二零一零年冬,在举办完我在仙林第一次也是最后一次的画展之后,毕拉斯哥达尼亚再次开始在我的笔下酝酿。这一年的毕拉斯哥达尼亚很少再有文字,只有一篇未完成的序曲《荣光的尽头》。这一年的毕拉斯哥达尼亚处在它的后期,对应地球这几十年的变化。从寒假里构造的新城市地标——夕余塔,时代·涩谷广场,到五月构思的浅海大陆架上的架空城市系统,再直到中考后那几天的画作《谒陵的奇迹》或《流浪》,我感到我在进入这个社会,进入这个世界的历史和精神。暑假算是对之后大总结的作品长卷的准备,零零碎碎的小作品在娓娓诉说着毕拉斯哥达尼亚的过去,它的人性,于是人取代了建筑成为了新的焦点。开学后的一两周后,我正式开始了我有史以来最壮丽的计划(是不是太夸张?),一篇由长卷书写的仿壁画史诗,从左到右可以看到人,而从右到左可以看到历史。由于时间关系,这幅作品暂不能展出。 最后,在此深深感谢各位支持这次小展的亲朋好友,特别鸣谢我的两位单相思挚友,Lady Gaga 和 Isaac Asimov,对他们二位的敬仰是我创作的源泉也是我继续走下去的动力! ...

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